Slightly Snug

Slightly snug?  What’s that you ask?

We think it’s a good way to describe our future home.  Not too small, and hopefully not too big either.  A space that feels more cozy than cavernous.

While we like the idea of really living small, as in a Tumbleweed Tiny House on wheels or the larger B-53, it’s not quite practical for the way we live.  We quite like the lack of stuff that can accumulate in the 500 sf space we currently live in but we’re always battling for space to do our work and store our gear.  Most of our work is done at home and our professions seem to necessitate room for storing and spreading out significant collections of paper.  We also like to spend a lot of time outside and that means sport-specific gear.  I’m also a crafter and we do a LOT of cooking.

We’re  fortunate to live in a part of the world where people like to come and visit us and we regularly host a good sized group of friends.  In our current place we can host up to 11 other  people for food and socializing but that means no room for getting around the table.   It’s also a bit tough when friends or family do come to stay.  Fortunately the futon in the living room hasn’t kept our eager friends from coming to stay.

Ross Chapin pocket neighbourhood WA

The work of Ross Chapin Architects also provides inspiration for our home.   Chapin ha’s worked with developers to create pocket neighbourhoods, a way of living that really resonates with us, and most of his cottages allow for single floor living.  His cottages are also cute from the outside and feature layers of landscaping which we also quite like.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll share our journey through the design and construction of our slightly snug home.


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