Discussing Dishwashers

Ah, the joys of machines that do the work for us.

I must admit that unloading a dishwasher is one of those tasks I loathe and after 3 years of living without one,  I’m so accustomed to hand washing that I don’t miss the dishwasher.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I still prefer washing things by hand to the task of unloading a fully loaded full-sized dishwasher. That is part of why we designed our kitchen with only an 18″ wide dishwasher. (There was also the issue of space.)

Back in the days when we had a full sized washer it took a week for us to fill it because we continued to choose daily hand washing for so many things (lunch containers,  pots, cutting boards etc.).  Plus, cupboard space is at a premium in a not-too-big kitchen.

We had given some thought to forgoing a dishwasher for the first year as friends of ours did when they built there place. Then, the dishwasher we’d picked out went on a super sale for Mother’s Day so I bought it on Friday.   And wouldn’t you know, two days later we chanced upon the Re-Build Centre in Whistler and there were multiple 18″ wide dishwashers for $25, fresh out of a hotel remodel.  I never, ever would have expected this to be something we could find second hand.

It’s white and it’s not so energy efficient but it’s pretty hard to go wrong for $25.  I can’t wait to test it out in a year or so!  Now I just need to go back and “return” the fancy shmancy dishwasher that’s still sitting in a warehouse somewhere.




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