Day 2

While the first day was a bit frantic with meetings – first about our durability check list, then about our financing arrangements and then a full day of work and packing for trips, the second day was much more relaxed.

I awoke to the sound of machines but wasn’t sure whether they were from our site or the park so I set about looking into the details for our windows before going out on site.  My school was as easy as they get and then I came home to see just how much earth work had been done.

I was a little concerned when I reached the road as the concrete pile wasn’t much bigger and it was evident that the rock didn’t drop off under what will be our foundation.
Day 2 - June 12

The good news is that we likely won’t need to bring in as much new fill to build up our back patio and the excavating to put in our storm and sanitary sewer was already under way.  So far my garlic and potatoes appear to be handling the disturbance just fine too 🙂

Day 2 - June 12

Day 2 - June 12


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