et voila!

June 22 - first form wall for our foundation

We have the start of a house!

We got home late on Friday after being out of town so first thing on Saturday I wanted to go and see what had changed over at our little lot during my absence.  (First I had to stop and nibble on the raspberries and strawberries and marvel at the size of my broccoli plants.  A lot can happen in a week!)

We were hardly around the corner when we realized the sounds of power tools were coming from our lot.  The men were out there getting an early start on the form work while the rain was away.  By the time we arrived the shortest wall (on the west) was done.

Some how I’d never imagined how much detailed cutting would be involved in building a form wall for a foundation that’s getting tied to rock.

June 22

By the end of the day they had the outside wall going all the way around except for where they needed to keep the access open.

I don’t have much patience for tedious, precision work but look at all the tie rods they lined up on the east wall!

June 22

I collected some scapes from the tiny garden in the back before Kevin snapped this photo to document just how much concrete and fill are going to be going inside of these walls.

June 22

Yes, these walls seem tall with no fill around them but we finally have a visual for where the floor will be and it is now so much easier to get a feel for where the windows are going to be and what the views will be like.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next set of walls go up and then of course the concrete pour!


2 thoughts on “et voila!

  1. Wow! That just looks like they’ve done so much already and it’s nice to see that it’s bigger than I could muster in my imaginings.

  2. It was amazing to see so much done in a day. They drilled most of the holes in the rock while I was gone and yesterday they continued with placing the snap ties all the way along. It’s not raining too much today so hopefully they’ll get the second wall going soon!

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