slow and steady

It took a bit longer than I had hoped before the concrete was actually poured but looking at it in pictures, the progress doesn’t seem so slow now. I took a bit of time away so I missed the concrete pour but I came back to this:

July 17 - foundation and drain pipe

It’s so nice to see the concrete and the “almost” driveway.  At each new milestone it gets so much easier for me to picture how the space is going to function.  The front door to the house will be on the left side where you can see there’s a jog in the foundation.  The windows to absorb the southern sun go along the main front wall.  (There will be a covered deck in front of most of it so it doesn’t get to hot in summer.)

While I was over there this morning there was the inspection for the perimeter drainage while the back filling of the foundation was happening. Apparently it’s a really busy day at the gravel lot but every time I peak out there’s more that has been done. It’s so sweet to see progress!  I can’t wait until we have a sweet home to call home and a garden right in our own yard!


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