Week 5

This construction project moves in fits and starts. It’s an interesting thing to observe really. Yesterday, there were 6 guys on site – two digging trenches and laying pipe outside of the foundation, another dealing with us landowners, and another 3 working out the interior sewer drains. Then today everything stood still as we waited for the inspection of the drain pipes. Wouldn’t you know though, the plug couldn’t handle all the head and now we have to wait another day for the testing of the pipes before they can be covered up.

July 22 - backyard drainage

Work moved in a similar fashion last week too. We had a foundation ready to be filled but every dump truck in town was committed and it took 4 days before we could get our first load of pit run. (I was out and about that day and it was true – there were loaded dump trucks everywhere!) Our truck arrived and filling and compaction went quickly. We even got our own water hose functioning that day too!

July 22 - sewer pipe stacks

Yesterday we went to look at rock for the backyard since some of it needs to go in next week. Needless to say, we were a bit blown away at the prices. We came back to the site to get input from our digger and found that there were some suitable specimens in the pile of pit run that is currently our front yard.

We have a river feature planned for the backyard too so we spent an hour after dinner pulling out river rock for that too. Kevin’s the strong arm of this part of the operation!

July 22 - collecting river rocks

July 22 - river rock collecting


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