This was a busy week for us where very little happened on site other than the wood being delivered. What beautiful wood it is!

Aug 11 sanding posts and beams

Today we finally had the chance to go out and start making it look pretty. In the small pile that we started on today we’ve got a beam that goes over the inside of the entry way, exterior corner posts and two skinny little posts that define the transition between our entry and living room. Later in the day we started on the deck posts.

When our sanding equipment wasn’t blaring we chatted about the difference between structural and architectural lumber. It turns out that with the exception of my first posts (the ones between the entry and living room), all the wood represented varying degrees of the two elements. Those “little” posts (relatively speaking) are purely architectural and something we requested. Others like the post for the SE corner of the house are clearly structural as windows abut them on two sides, but there’s also an architectural element that connects them with the overall language of our house. Then there are beams that support our covered deck. They are huge! While they perform a structural task their sizing is without question architectural.

Aug 11 sanding posts and beams

We were just about to pack up and take a break for lunch when the grey clouds that had been building all morning gave way to precipitation. Fortunately we’d prepared a space indoors and only a few drops landed on our wood before we had it safely stowed away.

Aug 11 dusted!

The rain didn’t last so after taking care of the usual weekend errands we went out again to finish what we’d started and take a crack at sealing the wood that will be visible on the inside.

We’re using a water-based “Professional” (lower VOC’s than the regular grade) varathane for that but the debate on what to use on the exterior wood continues. That reminds me that I should take a picture of the growing selection of stain samples that are littering our side yard!


6 thoughts on “dusted!

    • Hello April!

      I think the bear picked that tree clean over the next few days but we never saw him again. I’ve heard reports of other ones in the neighbourhood but no personal encounters since you were here!

  1. I am jealous – the beams are beautiful !! Are they hemlock or cedar ? Can’t wait to see the finished project. See you in Edmonton next month.

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