watching and waiting

After weeks and weeks of brilliant weather the clouds that were playing tricks have decided to stay.

We were all set for a concrete pour a few days ago but then with rain in the forecast it was delayed, and may be delayed for a while yet. We wouldn’t want rain to mess with the finish of what is to be our floor after all!

One nice part about this delay though is that we have more time to get the beams ready, and we definitely need that right now.

Earlier this week I struggled with really slow progress on the beams as old injuries and a busy schedule limited my time on site. Then, the palm sander and belt sander which were sufficient on the smaller beams, seemed completely ineffective on the really big beams that will be featured in our living space. The bigger beams “feature” milling marks that go fairly deep and I spent multiple evenings and didn’t even finish half of one face of the really big living room beams.

Despite the lack of progress it’s been really nice to have this part of the house for us to work on. Yes, it’s a money saving strategy, but it also helps ensure that our finished house actually feels like “our” house. We owned two homes before starting on this one and the experiences and memories from each place are so different.

The first was smaller and so nicely sized but needed cosmetic work right away – loads of paint and some new faucets. After all the work it really felt like home. In contrast, our second place looked great from the start but looked and felt more like a show home than our first place. The colours and high ceilings were trendy and unless we had a big crowd it felt quite cold, empty and cavernous.

Fond house memories almost always relate to the first place and already we have conversations about the design process for our new house, working a memorable section of a beam, or the teeny tiny blue tarp flecks that escaped our notice as we varathaned posts at dusk one night.

In an effort to keep things going and make this part of the project as enjoyable as possible I finally convinced Kevin and myself that we needed a planer. The beams are too big for the fancy ones that you slide lumber through, so Kevin got us a nice little one and by the time I got home last night he had planed and sanded 3 whole beams! Yeah, progress!

Now if the rain would actually stop we could go out and finish up:)


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