we have joists!

It’s no fun posting without photos that show progress and last week was dedicated purely to sending back the yucky wood, locating better wood and then having the crew sand it since we were fully booked up with other things.

Here’s what it looked like before they got started yesterday:

Sept 9

Then I came home from work yesterday and there had been a whole LOT of progress. Here are the photos I took this afternoon:

House construction Sept 11

House construction Sept 11

To support all those joists they had to frame a few more of the internal walls and spray paint the visible joist hangers. They’re black to go with our future roof!

House construction Sept 11

With the ceiling delineated the living room feels much more cozy (and I think it will be much better when that one window hole gets cut out):

House construction Sept 11

And from the kitchen sink it will look like this (plus the deck, the veggie garden and some shrubbery):

House construction Sept 11


4 thoughts on “we have joists!

  1. I’m a new follower via Sarah Susanka’s fb page, but had to comment on this post rather than today’s because I LOVE the black spray painted joist hangers and flooring-as-ceiling!

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