gaining a second floor

It’s been so exciting to see so much progress this week. From the outside you can now see what the shape of the house is going to look like.

Sept 20

Here’s the view from the back (gotta love the flag on the end of our ridge beam!)

Sept 20

With most of the second floor flooring installed we can better understand how the main floor spaces will feel. Understanding our desire for wood (and our budget), our architect suggested using hardwood for the floors upstairs that was of sufficient quality for us to leave it visible as the ceiling below. We really liked seeing it in other places and now we finally get to see what it’s going to be like in our home. This is how it will be in the living room:

Sept 18

We wanted the kitchen/dining area to be a bit more cozy and luckily enough the plumbing requires that the ceiling be lower in this area. We won’t really know how it will look for a while yet since we’re covering up the pipes with drywall but I can tell you that I do like the lower beam that runs across the kitchen sink area. Unfortunately it’s tough to describe in photos.

Upstairs, the ceiling and rooms are starting to be defined as well. Here’s a view through to the front of the house from the back bedroom:

Sept 20

It’s a little hard to see what the view will be like through the east dormer because the floor of our future hallway hasn’t yet been installed and the catwalk was in the way. All the same, they have been framed and look to be quite high up… surprisingly high up.

Sept 20 - stair dormers

It’s funny that for all the measuring we did before committing to our plans, we never placed the windows on the walls of our current space. Some of those windows are surprisingly high! When we saw the back kitchen window framed we were shocked at how big it was because it was so much bigger than either of us had expected. Before that I think Kevin had thought he’d lost the battle for a big window but clearly that’s not the case. Similarly the windows in the upstairs bedrooms are really tall too. I think it will help to keep those spaces from feeling small though.

On the totally opposite side of the scale we can also now see what a bear it is going to be for the poor plumber that has to tend to our hydronic floor system. That is one tight corner under the stairs!

Sept 19


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