a little bit of sun

Oct 3

Holy heck, it’s been a wet couple of weeks! Our framers have been out for the wettest of those days too. Thank goodness they have good rain gear!

Last year we were still experiencing summer like weather at this time of year but that was rather unusual. Still, the shift from sunny summer days to winter-like rains happened very suddenly. Fortunately we’re still getting the odd nice day (like Thursday when I went to take photos) to break up the darkness that comes from all of those clouds. Even so, we’re getting anxious to have a roof on.

Oct 3

This week saw work happening in two places – Kevin and his dad travelled out to Kamloops to stain/varathane the windows and the same days that they were working in the shop our carpenters came out to work in the pouring rain. They made some significant progress towards sheeting the roof and today the crews are out doing more. Hopefully we get a dry patch soon after they finish so we can get the peel and stick up on the roof and start drying out the inside.

Sept 30 - windows panorama

Oct 3 - progress on sheeting the roof


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