staying ahead of the weather

Oct 16 - House construction

Autumn is definitely here. The days start off much cooler and darker now, and the views out our windows change daily as the leaves turn to gold and fall to the ground.

Back in September when the framers were braving the rain I worried that the sunny days were gone for good but we’ve been fortunate to have nearly two full weeks of cool, crisp mornings that give way to bright, sunny afternoons. After the work that happened today we can breathe a little easier now too.

Oct 18 - start of a roof!

The roofers showed up while I was at work today and laid out the peel and stick coating in anticipation of our metal roof that we hope will be installed during the next few weeks of sunny weather.

Oct 18 - west dormer roof prep

Work also started on preparing the window openings for our nice wooden windows!

Oct 18 - window example detail

The cool breezes over recent days and lots have sweeping have helped to dry our house and now it should stay that way.

During the process of the design and build for this home we’ve often been asked why went with slab on grade construction. It’s not something folks around here are accustomed to seeing but for me it was a pretty straight forward decision since indoor air quality is a major priority for us. Seeing how much water was pooled behind the sill plates during the deluge was a great way to reinforce our decision. (It also made me realize another advantage of going with a finished concrete floor.) I can’t begin to imagine how one would go about drying a home that had water stored up in the foundation. I was able to sweep water to the door opening and out but I can’t imagine that’s an option in many new builds.

It’s so nice to see what we’ve designed on paper is looking more and more like a house. We’ll miss the adventure we’re currently on but we’re so going to enjoy being able to live in this house!


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