this place is home

I am SO looking forward to our new house, but on the weekend I had a small twinge of tiny-house envy when I came across a little house on wheels that had a roof and tyvek in place. The idea of living mortgage-free, and moving wherever the wind takes me certainly has some appeal.  In fact, for many years, I thought it was the only way building my/our own house would make sense. You see, until we found this place, I bounced around from one spot to the next, calling 10 different places home in my first decade after university.

Oct 30

I see things a little differently now though. Nearly four years ago we came out here for a reconnaissance trip and we each had independent moments where we declared this place home. We were so sure, that we shared the news with family immediately, and at that point we didn’t have a job to tie us here!

This neighbourhood is such a great fit that we have lived in the same no frills, main floor suite of a poorly built house for 3 1/2 years. I haven’t been overly healthy in this space but the location and cheap rent have always won out over the other alternatives. That is, until we found the lot that we’re building on. That took a bit of sleuthing too… a few years of it really, and a stroke of luck.

Right now we’re working towards lock up on our house. Quite a few things have been done over the past few weeks but they’re not overly photogenic. The air barrier has been installed, the fascia painted and installed, concrete footings for the decks have been poured, the chimney cap has been installed, the door locks went in and there was also more interior framing.

Nov 14 - fascia installed

I recall hearing from some of our friends who had their homes built for them, that getting to the end of each construction loan draw, and especially for lock up, is stressful.  They told us things would cost more than we’d budgeted and that we might have to max out credit cards or borrow from family.  I am so thankful for all those warnings now. It turns out the stress of being involved in the build and trying to work regular jobs is stress enough.

Nov 19 - getting a roof!

Work on our black standing seam metal roof started today and if all goes well, it will be done by the end of the week. Then off to the bank we’ll go so that work on the mechanical can begin. It’s going to be so sweet when we can call this place home!


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