Taking shape

Nov 21 - roofing

Our house has been a hive of activity in recent weeks. I’ve fallen behind on documenting the process, but since my last update there’s been:

– the installation of our black standing seam roof,

Nov 21 - Black metal roof

– the construction of the front porch (deck and roof),

Nov 24

– the construction of the back deck,

Dec 8 - back of house with exterior window trim

– interior framing in both bathrooms and the attic walls,

– the installation of exterior window trims (shown in photo above),

– electrical and data wiring throughout the house, and
Dec 8 - an organized mess of wires and cables

– the start of plumbing.
Dec 8 - electrical and plumbing

With the framing work done we’ve said goodbye to the first contractors we really got to know. The forming and framing crew came from the next neighbourhood over and spent a lot of evenings and weekends getting things done on our snug house.

Among other things, they helped us figure out the porch skylights at the 11th hour. Looking back, it’s no wonder the past few weeks have been stressful – there have been decisions every week and we’ve spent lots of time in stores and on-line, trying to figure things out. Some things, like what type of light fixtures to place where or how to have the switches laid out took a surprising amount of time. Then there are some issues that cropped up with regards to where the rough in pipes were laid in the bathroom which meant figuring out a whole new sink arrangement for the main bath. The combination of our experiences from other houses and the pages of Sarah Susanka’s “Not so Big Solutions” and “More Not so Big Solutions” have been invaluable in helping us sort things out.

We also spent some time with our cabinet guy working towards a design we’re really happy with. We’ve also figured out most of the appliances. (Thank goodness I did most of my research on that and plumbing fixtures much earlier in the year so that I didn’t have to start from scratch.) At long last we’ve chosen our heating system but are now facing some big delays to get the actual work done.

At one point we thought we might be moving in by the end of January but it’s quite clear now that we have a ways to go.

One very nice surprise today was seeing just how far the sun’s rays penetrate. Clearly the porch skylights are just the right size and in just the right place. I’ve so been craving a place with more natural light and it looks like we’ll really be getting it!
Dec 8 -  the sun's light reaches so far in the weeks before solstice!


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