Giddy giddy

We’re just giddy with excitement over here as we watch the transformation of our new house take place. After more than a month of slow, slow, slow, it’s so nice to see things changing so quickly again. Every day there’s something new. First we had more electrical and plumbing to accommodate the mechanical. That last part is coming along now too.

Yesterday when I went to take a look upstairs I found that the insulating crew had filled in a great many studs. What I hadn’t expected was how much of an impact that made: the neighbourhood noises were noticeably dulled, and our voices hardly carried at all. It also felt a lot more like a home somehow.

Jan 29 - insulation!

Outside, the new guys have been working away on the flashing, hose bibs and siding. We saw a bit of siding go up yesterday and liked it but nothing quite prepared either of us for how much we would like the look of a wall of red against the wooden trim around the windows. Photos don’t do it justice – it looks amazing!

Jan 28 - fancy little trims

Choosing our colours was a long and drawn out process. I can hardly believe the time and energy that went into it. I think it needs a post all of it’s own!

Jan 29 - exterior siding

Upon reflection, I think we handled the slow period quite well. Thankfully, we have friends who have been through the building process before and they all shared how stressful the delays and budget pieces can be. They helped us form realistic expectations and warned us that it would be a lot easier if we could add a bit more time to our expectations. There was a really important note about not sharing that last detail with the builder. I kept mum on it for eight months but was pleasantly surprised when things really got moving after a little conversation about it.


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