Fast and Furious

Wow, I thought there were a lot of changes with our house when I reflected last week, but I see that the pace has continued and perhaps even accelerated this week.

There were a few more little details with the plumbing, electrical and upstairs closets and then it was time for the drywall upstairs. It’s already has been taped and mudded too. I’m still amazed at how much that changes the feel of the space and it was great to poke around and see the way the light falls without disturbing anyone this weekend.

Feb 9 - so loving this room!

During the week more of the siding went up, as did the chimney cap.

Feb 9 - more progress on the siding. LOVE it!

Then Kevin and his sister celebrated Family Day weekend by spending a few days together prepping the downstairs and spray painting all of the visible wood. Our main floor ceiling now looks extra warm, plus some of the windows and doors got an additional layer of clear coat too. They were done before lunch today and ready for more so then they used what stain was left to paint all of the soffit too! (I just stayed out of their hair and made sure they were well fed.)

Feb 9 - Kev and his sister did some amazing work on the house this weekend!

There’s another family project that’s in the works now too.

Feb 2 - planning!

Our new place feels so big but there were some tight spots in the design for the main floor. One little miscommunication at the very beginning meant that the vanity we designed to have the fit in the main bathroom wouldn’t work. We were searching for a solution when my dad took to making his own cabinetry. We’ve now commandeered him into building a custom cabinet to fit the smaller space and the sink that we’ve ordered. (Thank goodness for the photo inspiration in More Not so Big Solutions.)

Feb 9 - soffit wood

The week ahead is a short one but I’m hoping it will be a productive one too!


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