Painting and cleaning

We’ve wanted to build for so long but I have to say, we’re both growing weary of balancing work, building and very little play. It will be a happy day when we can relax in our house, go out for a ski and do our laundry at home. Please tell me we’re almost done!

Yesterday Kevin and his sister spent the day in the house applying vapour barrier primer to the upstairs walls while I did the regular weekend chores (laundromat, ugh) and tried to figure out our paint choices. It’s not often that I wish we lived in a bigger city, but when it comes to paint selection I really wish we had better choices in our own town.

It’s funny, because I never imagined we’d use “regular” paints in this house. A year ago we were talking about using clay and prior to that I’d done some lazuring with home made casein paints. Strange things happen when you get tired and see your pennies running away from you though, and now we are ready to use paint, a good and clean paint.

In our other homes I used Eco-Spec paints (from the Benjamin Moore commercial line) and it was fantastic. It had very little smell, rolled on evenly and within a few days my canary nose couldn’t detect the new paint. True, really bold colours needed a few layers, but we won’t be doing that with this house as we have beautiful wood to show off instead.

I don’t know how other folks do it, but when I get to the breaking point in trying to choose paint colours I dump a huge bunch of paint chips on the floor and wait to see which ones call out to me. It always worked before… until yesterday.

I realized there were just too many options so I went to see what we might be able to get from Greenworks. The wonderful folks there have been helping us with some of the smaller details with our home like counter top selection, floor wax and what oil (hemp) to use on our wooden cutting boards. They carry clays, plasters, milk paint and two well-reviewed non-toxic paints.

Mythic carries a wide range of whites, but I really liked the approach to colour by YOLO Colorhouse of Portland. A short time later Kevin stopped in and picked up some samples and so we now know just what will grace our ceilings and walls. That work is still a few weeks away though so today we shifted gears and did really fun stuff: bath vanity assembly and sorting through the construction debris.

cabinetry assembly

K sorting waste

It was fun times I tell you! One thing is for sure though, this new house stays nice and toasty when it’s cold out:)


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