March 9 update

This week we saw our main living space transformed with drywall. It’s mighty nice! Part way through the process Kevin found a place to make use of all of our roxul scraps and help provide more of a sound barrier between the washer/dryer closet and our bedroom.

Mar 4 - downstairs drywall

Mar 4 - downstairs drywall

Our electrician also wired up a few of the light fixtures so we could test various LEDs to see which bulbs we want to live with. (We already knew we wanted a colour temperature of 2700K but the light intensities for the GU5.3’s we’ve been able to get off the shelf aren’t very high. Today we tested 360 and 400 lumens and would like to try some with 500 lumens but they’re very pricey and much more difficult to find.)

LED photo

We still have some time before we move in and there is no end to the list of things to do. We had thought this would be the weekend for priming the downstairs and painting on both floors but it wasn’t quite ready. That was actually a relief since Kevin was under the weather and we had a few things to take care of in the city.

We opted to do that running around, visit with family, and take time for some hobbies. Kevin went out on the water and I went about crossing items from my list.

Ever since we moved to town I’ve been more focused on finishing long standing projects than starting new ones. I’m almost caught up but I still have one quilt (the first one I ever started) that’s been hanging around for over a decade and a stool that’s been in need of repair for 3 years.

When we started the design and build process I thought it would be nice to take care of these projects (or at least the quilt) before we move in and now I’m finally making headway on those goals.

Yesterday I found an old cherry branch (from the tree that used to stand where our bedroom now is) and made the replacement rung for my stool. It went much more quickly than I had expected and my body has had no complaints about the work! Today I vinegarized the heck out of the remaining joins so that I could undo them to fit the new rung in. Then I went about hand sawing individual wedges from a scrap of the tree. Talk about slow!

stool in progress

I’m so close to being done but I’ll have to put things on hold until I can make it to a hardware store before closing to pick up more glue!


2 thoughts on “March 9 update

  1. Gord B. told me about your web page. It’s great to see your house coming along so nicely. For your lights, did you ever consider a 4″ potlight? Both Cooper (Halo) and Cree make an LED bulb with trim that fits into a 4″ recessed can. We ended up using the Halo ones in our new build since they look a little nicer in the ceiling, and give a really good light when turned on. However they are 3000K, 600 lumens, Found them at Lowes, but also available at Home Depot and electrical wholesalers. Given their 90 day return policy it is easy to pick up a few and try them out Greg E.

  2. Hi Greg, that’s great timing. Thanks for letting us know. We did look at a very similar set up last weekend but haven’t checked with our electrician about how it would work. We’ll meet with him this week though.

    Kevin tells me that your house is coming along nicely too and that you’re going to beat us to occupancy by a few weeks. Congrats! We’re so excited about getting the laundry hooked up this week after 4 years of running to the laundromat.

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