a warm and welcoming glow

Mar 18 - lights and siding

I’m so glad we’ve been taking photos and documenting the house building process over here. I remember following along as Brendon and Akua and then Arlene and Jeff built their little homes. It was so fun to join them on the ride. Now I’m getting a similar thrill when I look back and see how much has changed in recent weeks and months. In the act of going forward, sometimes it seems like things are moving so slowly but really, it’s all progress.

Mar 18 - appliances!

This week has been an exciting one as my dad brought the bathroom cabinet he made, the front siding was finished, and the electrical fixtures were hooked up. We also took delivery of some appliances and made some headway on the great shower tile debate.

Mar 18 - lights

Each of these changes dramatically effect the experience of being in or near the house. In fact, neighbours keep saying how inviting it all looks now. Yes, we know, we really want to move in already!


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