putting things in perspective

I’ll admit it. There are times when it feels like it’s taking way too long to build this house, or that the process of building is too stressful. It really makes me wonder how some people go through the process of building more than one house.

Then there are days that put it all in perspective.

Mar 24

I’ve had a whole string of those days as I’ve been working over at the house alongside our regular crew and the mechanical folks. The whole house if now sided and we have an HRV, central vacuum, hot water tank and part of our heating system. We also have a freshly installed washer and dryer. Yippee! (Now we just need that heating system hooked up so we can use more than the drier!)

Mar 28 - we finally have some of our utilities!

I haven’t been so great at gathering pictures, but I’ve been getting to know the guys on our site through my first ever tiling project. It’s amazing what kinds of things can bring people together!

Somewhere in the process of this build I got the idea that I wanted to do the tiling in at least one bathroom because I might never again get the chance. So far, the things Kevin and I have contributed to the house (painting, sanding, staining, etc.) have lacked permanence. I realized that tiling a shower or tub surround wouldn’t be like that, and besides, I knew others who had done their own tiling before. Why couldn’t I?

Before long I made an online request for old tools and in the process met a professional tiler in town who offered up some great advice and the tools. I also picked up some tips on-line and as I worked. It seems that half of the folks in our house this week were working on a tiling project at home and yesterday we were all at the point where we just wished it would end. Oh, how misery can love company! It sure made me feel better about my really, really slow start though.

Day 1: 2 rows of tile on the long wall.
Day 2: 4 rows of tile on the long wall.
Day 3: 6 1/2 rows of tile on the long wall plus the creation of a cubby for our shower toiletries (we don’t use shampoo)

Tiling day 3

Day 4: I picked up some tricks on how to better lay the glass tiles I’d struggled with the day before. I also put up a few extra pieces on the big wall before waterproofing the little bit of drywall, adding a trim piece and getting in 6 rows of tile on the back wall.

Tiling day 4 - note that there's now tile on the bottom right!

So yes, some things take time, and they’re not always perfect. Looking at my progress today though I’m quite happy that I decided to give this a try. For years to come I’ll be able to look at the tile I placed and know that yes, I did it! (Thank goodness it gets a bit easier every time I get together the will power to do a little more!)

I also know, that in building this house and making my mark with part of this finishing, I’m living the dream I’ve had for quite a while. Sure, things are taking a bit longer than I’d like, but then again, half the fun is in the anticipation!


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