four day work weekend

Today we celebrate the number 4. The fourth month of the year, the four-day work weekend we’re now in the middle of (bracketed on either side by a four-day work week), the number of days it took to sand the fir floors and the number of coats of finish I put on the kitchen floor today. I haven’t kept track of my laundry loads but we could definitely be up to 44 as I’ve been washing EVERY thing before it has a chance to get settled over here.

Last weekend Kevin and his dad put in a few long days sanding, sanding and re-sanding the floor upstairs. It was a painfully slow process and not easy on the lungs or knees either, but they got it done! Today the second coat of Osmo Polyx-Oil went down and it looks gorgeous! There’s still a bit of smell but it should dissipate quickly. To speed things along we opened the windows to the chilly damp air and made a fire. It’s so nice to spend time in this warm and quiet little house.

April 19 - Osmo oiled fir floor

April 19 - a warm wood fire

Delays are part of the process when it comes to building and sometimes things work out just as they’re meant to. The kitchen cabinets arrived yesterday but since they’re not getting installed for a few days yet I had the chance to put a few coats of Broda Pro-thane down over the concrete in the kitchen and back hallway. We both really like how it brings out more of the lighter and brighter tones in the dyed concrete.

April 19 - kitchen cabinetry

April 19 - dyed concrete floor with pro-thane (left) and without (right)

Over the past two weeks our builders finished trimming out all of the windows and they installed and trimmed the downstairs interior doors and made a start on the baseboards too. Who knew that the concrete would have so many little hills and valleys that the baseboards need to accommodate. (We were planning to tackle the baseboards but now we’ll just do the ones upstairs.) I nearly forgot, but they also surfaced both of our decks in recent weeks. (Now we just need some warmer drier weather so we can finish them.)

There are still two days left of this weekend so once the floor has dried enough I will get back to tiling the tub surround. It looks like we’ll get some help tomorrow too so Kevin and his family may well get a few more things off the list such as sanding the baseboards in preparation for installation, applying varathane to the window sills and door trims, patching holes and cleaning up scuffs in the walls, applying more paint to the walls and starting to pack things up at the old house. With so much to do work is going to seem like a vacation when Tuesday rolls around!


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