work, work, work!

It’s hard to believe that our 4-day work weekend was nearly a month ago. We’re due for another one!

Our work schedules have been more demanding lately and as a result we haven’t gotten a whole lot of work done on the house ourselves. We’re also pretty exhausted from this design and construction saga that really does take a lot of energy when you have to decide everything. Thankfully the hired help has been taking care of things like the cabinetry and our interior stairs.

kitchen in progress

Shelves and stairs

Oh, and we were able to find some interior door knobs locally so that we could get rid of the porta-loo. (I strongly detest the knobs where you have to pinch and turn to lock and unlock so we were on the look out for ones with the push buttons in the centre. We had originally found a set we liked in another town but couldn’t get them from a local supplier. Fortunately Rona has just changed some of their inventory and we found these ones that do just the trick.

interior door hardware

I don’t have the photos to back it up (and it’s dark now) but our parents came up and got some great work done on Mother’s Day. My dad moved a whole lot of dirt around in the front to make way for my future garden boxes and my mom helped transplant some newly acquired plants. I may have more than leeks to harvest this summer after all!

Kev’s parents were similarly on a mission and they did a transformation of part of the back yard too!

The trench building team

We keep thinking we’re getting close to being done, but as I relayed to my sister tonight, there’s no relaxing any time soon. It may well be next year before we’re done enough to relax because finishing takes forever!


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