a veggie garden at last!

When I planted my crops in pots back in late winter/early spring I never imagined it would take until the end of summer to get them in the ground. I guess building is like that. Things take longer than expected and priorities change along the way.

By mid-July we had the garden boxes in the front yard but then getting soil – what a pain! There are few places in town but they must had been busy with all the heat of summer because it took a good long while to reach each one and find out where I could get the soil I wanted. Then it took even longer to get it. (Granted, August isn’t when most people go looking for dirt.)

I had a lot going on by the time the soil finally arrived but I managed to get all but a few wheelbarrow loads in on the very day it arrive. Five yards of soil is a lot but thankfully it was a very short run! I also had moral support and a bit of help from my neighbour.

I was glad to get it all done before the rain but then I realized the soil was actually very warm, maybe even hot. Uh oh, the compost hadn’t finished cooking. After waiting so long to get soil in the boxes it was hard to wait any longer to transplant my veggies. I tried a few onions but then held off. Thank goodness because the onions were not happy with the heat or what good nutrients the heat was eating up. The soil is no longer giving off heat and my celery, celeriac, onions and leeks have enough room to grow as they should through the fall and early spring. My first *real* winter garden at last!




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