We’re a pair of outdoorsy, 30-something professionals residing on the west coast of BC.

Unable to find an existing house that would meet our needs we’re now taking on the joys and challenges of constructing a new single family home (with a little help, of course).


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  1. L! it was really great to have a quick catch up with you on the phone after all those years~the special part about growing up in a cozy neighborhood like the one we all were apart of is no matter how many years pass by you can always pick up from where you last left off 😉 I nestled into your blog last night with a glass of wine and really enjoyed following the building of your cozy abode..now where to start…how about here, what an incredibly beautiful home!!! Love every inch of it, the windows, the color, the roof, the interior, the story behind it and how it truly reflects how you both live. I love how you nestled it in amongst those big beautiful mountains and it seems as though it has always been there. Sean and I started our home journey very similar to yours in that we didn’t want a house, we wanted a home with a smaller footprint and filled with quality details that would last a lifetime. Your childhood residence has a special place in my heart and it always will, from the pool to the cookies, crafts and everything else in between, the timeless cozy home that we came and went from really stuck with me and as we went forth with our design. When we started pen to paper, well rather pen to napkin, lol, I pulled from a few of my favorite residence’s to start the process and your childhood home was one of them, our home even has characteristics from the mini modge believe it or not, ha! Side note..I have so much more love for the sweet quirky mini modge in which we grew up in, all because of our recent 3 year stop over here where I was able to take it all in again this time being an adult and to share it with my mr. sean, has been a chapter we are both so grateful for. I believe how both of our parents lived were wonderful foundations for us to take from and follow and I am so happy to hear so much of your youth is reflected in your home, what a tribute to each of our wonderful parents, take a bow both moms and dads if you are reading this! When we purchased our lot next door to the mini modge, both Sean and I knew the home we put there had to be special as it was the first permanent structure on that land, ever, so we chose an arts and crafts bungalow that reflected some of Royston’s seaside history..it is a classic design built with quality materials and does not represent any kind of current style other than our own and how we want to live in it. Your home really captured us and I love that you have followed your dreams and put into your home materials that suit your lifestyle and allergies. I being Celiac, with the challenges that I know you understand, also have sensitivities to this and that so it was great to touch base on that last night, love hearing someone else doesn’t approve of gas in a home and I loved reading about how you had to open so many doors and windows to release the smell of the flooring finish, that will be us for sure, ha! 😉 Thank you again for sharing your blog, enjoy your next chapter of getting further cozied into your home and happy memory making there! I know we are soaking up every minute of this home building journey and even in the bumps are enjoying the lessons it is teaching us~ take care xo

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